Coffee tickets

The story of coffee tickets /coffee fortune slips/ in Bulgaria starts in 2000 when their author has come to the idea how to make the morning cup of coffee even more pleasant, positive and hope giving experience.

This is how the coffee tickets /coffee fortune slips/ came into the world. Today they continue making people smile and inspiring them with the messages inside the “coffee fortune” scroll.

Coffee tickets /coffee fortune slips/are a teasing supplement to the coffee that adds mood and says a wise thought, message or wish. It is served as a compliment to the coffee and hot drinks.

By offering these coffee fortune slips as a compliment to your clients, you will add value to every cup of coffee, product or service. It is useful both for coffee, tea and other drink manufacturers and distributors, as well as for food and beverage establishments, cafes, bars, restaurants, patisseries, hotels, casinos, banks, offices, stores, etc.

Coffee tickets /coffee fortune slips/are broadly applied marketing and promotional tool in campaigns for brand establishment, sale boost, attraction of new customers, loyal customers, etc. The strategy of coffee fortune slip offering has been praised in a publication of

By branding your logo and the message you send, the brand remains in mind and creates emotional relationship with the consumer.

The product is protected by registered industrial design rights for the territory of the European Union.

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